Social Media Customer Service

Social customer service, which uses social media to serve customers, is rapidly becoming the new, critical channel to drive satisfaction and loyalty. Organizations are at different stages of maturity in their social care programs: some are only listening to customers to improve marketing, products and support, while others regularly engage with customers to reduce contact in other support channels. While two years ago only five percent of companies used social customer service, Gartner predicts that by this year companies using social media to service customers will increase to as high as 40%.

Intellicom uses technology enabled solutions to effectively dispense social media customer service.

Social Media Contact Center Listening & Monitoring Posts: Decode relevant social chatter and provide marketing teams with real-time, business ready insights about their brand and passenger perception

Customer Service: Ensure timely and adequate response to all social media mentions through a multilingual social media customer service aggregator that also connects into IntelliCRM platform for customer interaction management.

Social Media Analytics: Provide social media data to make business decisions in order to increase revenues, reduce customer service costs and get product / service feedback.