Product Support Helpdesk

Achieve Guaranteed Levels of Customer Satisfaction with IT Help Desk Support

In this consumer-oriented world, where customer support and service is among the prime parameters of business success, having a broad service desk is not enough. You must invest in the well-defined IT help desk support to empower the valuable business-customer interactions. Intellicom is here to make it easier by encouraging help desk support outsourcing rather than doing it yourself.

As we all know, IT outsourcing has many different aspects. Help desk support services is a small yet significant component of IT processes that companies outsource. In fact, it is one of the most outsourced services and often inspires organizations to outsource other business functions.

The Mission of Intellicom's Product Support Group is to:

Lower the internal customer query resolution costs
Offer Single-Call resolutions
Manage the peak volumes
Apply effective knowledge management tools for sufficient customer contact history
Support business promotions
Offer one window for servicing all kinds of customer interactions

Intellicom's Service Offerings Include:

Product Help Desk
Replacement / Warranty Support
Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Services
Payment Processing and Transaction Support

Cater to your customers' issues, queries and expectations faster, in a highly personalized manner and through proactive help desks. Call now to learn more.