Operations & Perfomance Management

We focus on operational excellence in every process that we service using :

Better Trained & Qualified CSRs
Continuous Process Improvement, and
Service Innovation

Our operational excellence is driven by deployment of a variety of industry quality assurance practices and methodologies like Six Sigma, ISO, ITIL guidelines and COPC.

Intellicom Operations Philosophy is based upon :

1. Setting high internal standards for all aspects of the operation (Targets / Quality / Defect %)
2. Driving performance by rewarding 'desirable' behavior

Monthly agent evaluations are available online on a module called Dashboards on the Intellicom Intranet and this score forms primary basis for CSR Incentives & Recognitions that range from Monetary incentives, Bonuses, Monthly Recognitions, Opportunities to apply for Internal Job Postings and to attend leadership/developmental training workshops.