Custom & Generic Product Development

Creating Powerful Web Applications Capable of Delivering Value through Simple Solutions

Technology is one of the principal enablers of competitive differentiation and customer satisfaction. Satisfying customer needs requires custom-made technology solutions capable of (a) improving operational efficiency, (b) enabling competitive differentiation, and (c) defining customer-centric processes. The custom application development solutions of Intellicom comprehensively integrate innovative strategies with latest technologies. This combination effectively leads to robust and efficient applications useful for improving the productivity of the customer's business.

Intellicom's solutions offer a suite of methodologies that include Iterative, Waterfall, Prototype, Spiral, RUP (Rational Unified Process), Component Based, RAD (Rapid Application Development), SCRUM / Agile and other industry standard frameworks. When these methodologies are combined with Intellicom's vast technical expertise and critical domain, they result in the best possible balance in terms of agility, cost, and quality for developing applications that would satisfy business requirements.

Intellicom's expertise spans over the most common technology platforms like J2EE, Microsoft Technologies, SAP, Java, and various other databases, languages, platforms, enterprise applications and software. We also provide the support needed by customers during different stages of application management from initial planning to final delivery. The technical team at Intellicom has the capability of updating, reengineering, expanding, consolidating and customizing the client's applicationand ensures that the software is implemented within the delivery period.

Intellicom, as a web application development company, has engineered an outstanding system to deliver value-added solutions. For more information, give us a call.