Business Continuity

Intellicom Business Continuity Framework ensures that our delivery center and Network locations are ready with disaster preparedness without significantly impacting performance metrics and service delivery standards.

Intellicom Business Continuity Framework includes:

Network Continuity

Multiple International WAN Circuits with path diversity leased from different carriers
Multiple devices, deployed in a failsafe back-up mode
Strict SLAs with network carriers
Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems deployed on all network locations

IT Continuity

Daily data back-up, stored at off-site location
Common hardware spares in stock on location
Trained manpower as part of internal 24 x 7 helpdesk

Power Continuity

Dual high capacity UPS systems
Separate UPS feed for data center
Dual generator power back-up
Dual power supply units on switches and mission critical servers

Service Continuity

Free seating concept where agents can log on from anywhere in the facility for protection against specific bay failure
Agreement with back-up transportation service provider
Ability to route calls to client locations with minimal downtime